Nintendo NES

Prepare ROM file for write to EPROM/FLASH
How to modify cart for work with EPROM's
How to install Horizontal/Vertical switch to cart
Mobile S-RAM 8KB connected together with battery
SRAM/WRAM 64KBits / 8KB pinout (MMC1 & MMC3)
VRAM/CHR RAM 64KBits / 8KB pinout (MMC1 & MMC3)
Famicom / Pegasus Cartridge Connector Pinout
NES Cartridge Connector Pinout
NES hardware pinouts and info
Mapper #48 TAITO TC0190 DDD2 pirate pinout
How to make Super Mario 8 / Don Doko Don 2 game cart
Mapper #70 CAMERICA Expanded Version Hardware Pinouts
ASDER 20in1 Memory Controller pinout
Fast & easy EPROM test socket
Pirate MMC3 chip pinout
74LS74 used in many 2in1 Reset based carts
NES -> FC/Peg adapter PCB
Glop Top "black bubble" chip pinout
VRC2/4 (m23/m25) chip pinout (Gimmick & Dynamite Batman VRC2 hacks)
Unknown pirate cart pinout (16bit EPROM)
Pirate famicom cart with 42-pin PRG ROM (16bit chip/8bit mode)
Connect AY-3 sound chip to FME-7 cartridge (gimmick!)
Add custom MP3 soundtracks in famicom cartridges
74LS245 used in some Taito Mapper 33 cartridges
How to modify CHR ROM to CHR RAM (VRAM) cart

ANROM (Solostice) ROM Pinout
AOROM (Ironsword) ROM Pinout
CNROM (Donkey Kong Classic) ROM Pinout
UNROM (MegaMan) ROM Pinout
MMC3 (Super Mario Bros 2) ROM Pinout

CNROM/NROM Develop EPROM-Cart (29F256/27C256)
UNROM Develop EPROM-Cart
MMC1 Develop EPROM-Cart #1
MMC1 Develop EPROM-Cart #2
MMC3 Develop EPROM-Cart

MMC3 NES cart PCB top (ROM's are removed)
MMC3 NES cart PCB bottom (ROM's are removed)
UNROM FC cart PCB top (All chips are removed)
UNROM FC cart PCB bottom (All chips are removed)

Famicom pir.carts examples: One MMC3 cart and one UNROM cart
Famicom pir.carts examples: Two MMC1 carts